A Salute To Our Polo Grooms!

On my way home from a mini roadtrip in Central Califonia, I got a last min invite from a fellow polo girl that was playing in Santa Barbra to watch her play!  Naturally I would not pass this opportunity up so I swung by the fields and walked over to her trailer where her groom was tacking up the numerous horses.  Not knowing I was going to polo, I sported my steriotypical LA flipflops and tore jeans and asked “Do you need help?!”  At that moment,  I realized how hard our polo grooms work to actually allow us the opportunity to get to play!

Not only can a polo groom tie a tail that makes the braids on Pinterest look like they were done by a 5 year old, (I really should have taken a picture of the tail  I tied, that poor horse should have just kicked me when she had the chance to spare her the embarrassment of walking on the field!) but the ammount of work all of them do goes unnoticed and underappreciated by people!

I am a sufferer of what some call Chronic Loose Girth…. I have always had this issue when I was a child, and it never really bothered me till I got into polo where you are shifting your weight in strange and unnatural ways in a saddle!  It took one faulty turn arround and a broken wrist to learn to ALWAYS check your tack!  My groom loves to give me crap about it and tell me constantly, “Bethy, how many hands can I fit in that girth?!” (YES HANDS!!  I like to pretend my horses are fatter than they are!)

XO Polo Girls

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