About Us

Polo Girls is a society of women who are wildly passionate about polo, horses, travel, wine, and doing good throughout our communities.  We welcome players to newbies, and we even welcome men too.

We want you to join us as we open the sport of polo to you.  Our founder figured since polo was such an exclusive sport, she wanted to give back to her sport by educating and welcoming newcomers to the sport of polo.  Polo Girls is a dedicated society working to get people interested in the sport as a spectator or a player and doing good in our communities.

Who is a Polo Girl? We like to think of a Polo Girl as an independent, confident woman, who knows herself.  Our society encourages, and celebrates the fact of being women.  As a Polo Girl you know your the coolest girl in the room‚ pulling off whatever wildly unique outfit that suits the mood. At Polo Girls, we are amazed with what we can accomplish. Polo Girls is inspired by tough girls all over the world.

Our team wants you to enjoy the sport of polo! Let us connect you to the right polo instructor! Get you tickets to Polo matches! Answer your question about the game of Polo or simply be a friend you can count on!

Polo On!

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