What is the criteria for forming a chapter?

You may form a chapter with a minimum of five members who join the organization and choose to affiliate with your chapter. Once your chapter is established, all members must pay membership fee of  to the national council and yearly dues.

What are the steps for starting a chapter?

  • Contact the National Council to be approved as a chapter leader
  • Plan an organizing meeting. We can supply you with a email list of Society members in your vicinity. You may wish to contact those within reasonable driving distance for help in organizing the meeting, and inform those further away about your chapter. Make contacts with any resource people available locally: restaurants, hotels, shops, teachers, polo players, polo club administrators, horse-type news editors for the local paper.
  • Talk to local polo shops to offer an Official Polo Girls discount on horse products, tack, mallets, etc…get them to partner for this we will add them to our website that gets over 6000 unique views a week, and a monthly shout out on social media outlets that reach over 20k people!
  • Host a meeting or polo tailgate for all those who are interested in joining your chapter.  Your new chapter will need officers (see below). Someone else should be assigned to publicity. You may need a volunteer to seek a speaker for your program. You’ll need refreshments and a meeting location. All this should be done before the larger meeting is called. Give yourself at least four weeks so you can generate adequate publicity.
  • The importance of advertising through public media has been mentioned. You might also want to put out flyers and posters as well. Polo Clubs, riding programs, local service clubs, churches, women groups, etc. might be your targets. Obtain a biography of your speaker (and photo if possible (how about a polo instructor as a guest speaker). This will gain attention and help draw a good attendance.
  • Have a sign-in sheet for all attendees, with name, address, phone number, and email address, so you can send them notices of future meetings.
  • Ask for donations to help defray expenses, keeping track of all your contributions and expenditures.

How do you proceed in organizing your chapter?

Don’t be afraid to organize with a small group. A formally organized group that meets regularly will attract new members more easily than a group still in the planning stages.

Once the chapter has the required 10 memberships, you’ll need to elect other officers. As chapter leader you will serve as president and chapter representative. You will also need to elected a vice president, secretary, and treasurer (who will be responsible for preparing a chapter financial report for the National Council on a quarterly basis.) Most chapters also choose a chairpersons for programs i.e.. polo girls events, publicity, and other functions depending on your group’s size and scope of activity. The National Board will provide bylaws. Which will define and limit the terms of office. Try to place all non-officers on committees, to involve everyone and to help share responsibility for programs, outings, and administration.

Fund Raising for the Reading programs, Sponsors and Marketing:

Polo Girls may not be used to promote a personal business, unless your business is sponsoring Polo Girls!

Twice a year we will ask that your chapter host a “RIDE FOR READING” that’s were members will get pledges to ride a certain amount of time in the saddle to raise funds for the Polo Girls reading program. All monies raised for “RIDE FOR READING” will be sent directly to the National Council. (more details to follow)

Polo Girls Chapters you chapter can be sponsored by a local company. A  yearly sponsorship gets your company logo and name place on our Polo Girls website, in our press releases, social media outlets, etc. (this does not include sponsorship of Polo Girls events, all tournament sponsorship is a separate fee, this is only good for one year!)

All membership fees and renewal fees must be sent to the National Council beginning Oct 1, 2013 and ending Sept 30th 2014 and shall continue for as long as your chapter is in service. (first time membership is $45 a person, this includes a cap or tee, renewal each year is $25).

Polo Girls is a TRADEMARK Name, Slogan, and Image of the National Board and registered under the United States Congress 2011.