Brief History of Polo

If you didn’t know already that “Polo” is a sport, than you must still be dreaming about the polo clothing line. Polo is a sport, a lifestyle, and an athletic fete, that originated in Mongolia, Persia,  and Iran. Formerly known as ‘Chowgun’.  Polo worked its way west, and coming to America in 1890.

The sport was first matches were played at the polo grounds in NYC.  The Giants baseball team soon took over the polo grounds.  The US Army used polo in the 1930’s to 1940’s to train their men for military purposes.  After 1942, guns and machines became the wave of new technology. No longer were horses efficient or cost effective for fighting purposes. Polo was played  by many movie stars at the Burbank polo grounds in Los Angeles in 1930-1940s. Polo team with horses, 1942 (coach Major Charles Horn kneeling on right)

Polo faded out and the sport of Golf took place of the ancient team sport.

Ralph Lifshitz trademarked the sport of polo in 1970.  Polo is the only trademarked sport owned by a person.  Ralph never even played polo, but made a empire off of the game.  The sport soon became a national clothing line and the sport slowly faded into the shadows of the rich.

Today polo can be found in numerous countries, cities, and states. Not all polo is high goal, which gives people from a more humble background the opportunity to participate and learn.

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