The game of polo in college is quite a bit different than the matches I used to watch before I started playing. Watching games in the Hamptons and Florida I always felt that I was in a scene from a movie; there was music and white tents for those who were watching and professionals played the polo. It’s the best of both worlds, a competitive and intense sport as well as a relaxing atmosphere filled with family, friends, food and drink. But when I came to UConn and watched my first match of a college polo game the drastic difference of my expectations caught me by surprise.

The drive to win filled the arena. Both teams were playing to beat the other. There was no music or partying; it was straight up competition. Those who were watching were at the edge of their bleacher seats as they were cheering on their team. It was fun, exciting and loud. It was more like getting down to business and straight to the point. No messing around it was time to get rough, tough and down and dirty. The energy in the arena wasn’t exactly like other college sports that include screaming frat boys with painted stomachs, but there is the youthful, competitive and aggressive edge that defines college athletics. The fierce rivalry and strive to come out on top is the most fun to watch or play. I was getting so into the game you would have thought it was Nationals or SUPERBOWL!

I guess I just love any kind of competition I can find! What can I say, I love any kind of adrenaline rush I can find!!


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