Finding the best polo horse for you

Along with the skilful hand, coordination and control of the human player, the horse is the most important part of a game of polo. With the need for a speedy, intelligent and agile horse, the equine abilities of a polo horse must be at their peak in order to play an effective game.

And, as polo escalates in popularity, so too does the competitive pricing of thoroughbreds made specifically for this 2000-year old sport.

So, in such a crowded market, here are a few tips to aid you when looking for a horse in this “sport of kings”.

Don’t rush into a decision

While the right polo horse might be the first one you look at, it’s not particularly likely that there won’t be a better one around the corner. And, with such a pricey purchase, it’s prudent to be patient and try as many horses as you can before making your decision.

Also, bear in mind that searching for the right horse for polo doesn’t just mean finding a simmering stallion that will blast with speed, but one that you can build a connection with. In having an emotional investment in each other, a horse is far more likely to respond well to your demands in a game.

So, “test drive” as many horses as you can to find one that suits you.

Train your horse effectively before playing a game

The game of polo is furnished with many rules for the safety of both the player and their horse, and these must be adhered to in order to keep the game running smoothly.

Before you’ve considered entering a match, it’s important to make sure that your horse understands the rules and will respond accordingly to your handling of it. This will ensure that every chukker goes off without a hitch and you can maximise your fun!

Find a horse that suits your experience level

If you’re a novice to the game of polo, then your best bet is to find an equine that’s been put through its paces in the field. While they may be stuck in their ways slightly more than a younger horse, the older variety will know just what to do when thrust into a game of polo, and will be able to pass some of that skill onto their owner if the two of you hit it off.

And, don’t be afraid to find a suitable instructor who can guide you in the ways of instructing and handling your horse, especially when the potentially disorienting rush of a game of polo is dawning. This will give you a feel for the game and allow your equine sporting chum and you to spend some quality time together.

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