HAPPY FRIDAY! How I met Polo 1.4!

How I meet polo…I was at a BBQ at Bar’s home on Indian Mound Rd.  It was late July, the dogs were in heat and the grown-ups were in rare form.  As the day went on us kids threw water ballons and ate watermelon.  A man showed up on horseback, his name was Steve. He was old enough to be my grandpa, and his horse’s name was George.  A dark bay with no markings and a shaved mane.  Being a Hunter/Jumper I questioned the man, “Why doesn’t this horse have a mane?” he replied “This dear is a polo pony.”


“A what! A polo pony, what is a polo pony and why don’t we have one? I asked my mom.

That friends is a true story, but not how I met polo…

XX Lybbie

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