Happy Friday! New updates with Polo Girls Debra Atwell

Update from our Polo Girl Debra Atwell
The Ashwood school ponies should start getting legged up on September 6th.
Polo lessons/polo school should commence by the end of September, as the horses limber up and acclimate to work again.
Reminder: working sets, or riding a single pony out with sets provides a good opportunity to begin riding again ! This is a chance for parents, former enthusiasts, or anyone wishing to develop a deeper more secure seat to do so in a relaxed yet supervised setting. Just text or telephone me by mid-morning each day to let me know if you are interested in riding out with sets. Riders frequently gain as much information as they do in a lesson-for a $20 “donation” riding sets is a steal.
Most of our big projects are progressing-our children’s/boarders Tackroom/lounge and the TV/ media room are looking good ! Many thanks to the Parent Family and to George Wilcoxen! And to the Walsh family for the new polo school pony! I can’t wait for all of you to see the children’s faces light up every time we ready a pony for a ride!  The progress is promising but I admit I am losing sleep over a couple of other projects-namely the paddocks behind the barn-and the footing in the ring/arena. These are critical to being fully operational and to Ashwood’s success-so forgive me if I seem extra stressed until these ongoing needs are met. When the horses are back in training and we are on a regular schedule of lessons and polo it will be impossible to find time to finish anything ongoing-yet these areas are critical to being fully operational. If I am unable to wrap up these two projects by Sept 6th we may have to delay bringing the horses in. I want to thank you for your continued understanding as we work along, making this farm a truly wonderful place to be, for adults and children alike.
This year our areas of concentration will be : Polo school/Jr polo  *  Foxhunting /safely riding an outside course of jumps  * Horsemanship  *   Introduction to Combined training (pending) These disciplines closely mirror United States Pony Club Criteria, but it is worthwhile to mention that Ashwood’s primary objective is to promote polo-and occasionally foxhunt . We do not intend to be a “Show Barn “. Anyone who prefers to primarily show Huntseat would be much better served at one of several other facilities in Vero Beach that cater specifically to Horse Showing.
We are exploring the idea of adding an after-school academic tutoring program on weekdays-it would seem like a good way for children to have non-riding friends around to interact with in a supervised wholesome setting as well as a chance for other children to become interested in polo and riding by exposure to the sport. Think about the farm and your experiences there, and try to drop me an e-mail about your personal wishes and things that you would like to see changed or improved on to make everyone’s experience there the best ! We will endeavor to make these changes as we go forward !
And in closing,  a big thanks to Mary McGuire-Smith for being available on Sunday mornings for dressage instruction !
Debra Atwell

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