Hi…I am Taylor and I am interning for the Polo Girls, sharing my life playing polo in college.  Playing polo in college was unheard of until I transferred to the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut in the winter of 2010.  I was bursting with anticipation and curiosity about all the new experiences that lied ahead.  Without hesitation I took a beginner polo lessons through the school’s Practicum.  I have been riding horses almost my entire life and could not wait to dive in to something new and exciting.

From the moment I walked into the polo barn I knew I was in for some adventure. I had just walked through the door of an entirely new world that I had only known about from the sidelines.  Little did I know how fast I would become addicted to the sport.

I couldn’t think of any greater opportunity for me, a chance to try something new and exciting that involves my love for horses and team sports, at a reasonable and affordable price. As I started to learn and become more comfortable playing and moving at a faster pace the more fun I was having. The only way I could describe my obsession and fascination to my horse-less friends and family was that going from hunt seat riding to playing polo was like figure skating your entire life and then learning to play hockey.

Except polo is even more exciting than hockey; add in the galloping horses, bumping off, and knocking mallets.  The game Polo is a whole lot more intense than hockey.  Not to mention being able to trust and communicate with the 1500-pound animal they call (polo pony)  that’s taking care of you and playing the game just as much as you are!

This combination of horse riding and a team sport has completely taken me over.

I will always love the English and Western riding styles I grew up with; but for now I’m determined to continue learning, improving and playing polo. I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it! From day one, I was hooked (pun intended).

XO! Taylor

The girls I play with on our favorite ponies

Emily on Diamonte, Taylor (me) on Moe, Caitlin on Jorgito

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