How to Stay Cool in the Hot Summer Polo

Summer is among us and it is Hot, Hot Hot!

Here’s how to keep cool and maybe spoil your pony.


Schedule your workouts in the AM

Put Large Ice Cubes in buckets (to keep water cool all day long)

Freeze old towels (place over horses neck to cool)

Use Fans to ventilate stalls (make sure the horses cannot reach the cords)

Shade (feels good for you and your horse)

Baths (fun and a good way to cool down too)

Sponge your ponies face (you don’t want to get water in their ears)

Feed & Drink Electrolytes (to help replenish the good stuff in you and your horse)

Zinc Sunscreen (on yourself and on ponies with pink noses)

Don’t forget yourself, make sure to stay hydrated, and cool too.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a safe weekend and enjoy a snow-cone!





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