Is Polo Better than Sex?

Is POLO Better than Sex?

Running down the grassy field at 30 miles per hour, I straddle my 1100 pound horse chasing a little white ball, about the size of a man’s fist, hitting into the goal!

I’m instant-replaying my last hit and calculating my next move: a hit that goes into goal off my ponies hoof fools me into thinking I’m actually a decent polo player.  Bump, of the opposing player, crunch, nearside backshot to my teammate…the ball set for them to change the direction of the play.  I feel relaxed, heart pounding and perfect.

The sun is shining. Classic coastal Southern Florida vibe, palm trees sway with a slight whispering breeze.  Spectators are curiously and excitedly bent over examining us as we chase that little white ball.

Life is Good, but the days I play polo it’s really GOOD!  And this is why polo for me will always be better than sex — meaningless, loveless sex that is. When I want to reflect on something that will put me in a positive state of mind and ultimately connect me with what I think is my higher purpose in life—I imagine my most memorable games and the times that I scored a goal or hit a perfect shot.

When I think about my best games, I feel something that only a polo player would understand. When I want to feel blissed-out, I don’t think about the random hookups I’ve had, but my times playing polo.  Not to mention that the “orgasm” I experience playing polo often lasts a lot longer … Feeling blissful reflecting on the best games I’ve played is something I don’t take for granted. Few on Earth ever experience this sensation. I thank God I’m one of them.

xx Polo Girl

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