More Than a SPORT! What POLO has taught me…

Learning and playing polo has taught me even more than what I had expected.  I’ve learned more than just a new sport, but valuable skills and lessons that I have learned and will take with me everywhere for the rest of my life.

The most important rule in polo to me is safety.  Of course in every other equestrian sport safety is also a significant rule; but not quite as essential as it is when you’ve got; 8 galloping 1200lbs animals racing and turning side by side.  I have to be completely aware of my surroundings and what is happening at every second. It’s like traffic laws that apply to a much more intense and unpredictable situations. I need to be making the right moves to keep myself, my horse and everyone else safe, as well as riding to where the ball is going to be.  My  saying is “Safety followed by strategy.”

I’m also braver than I ever thought I could be.  After hanging off a galloping horse, swing at the ball and physically exhausting pushing and bumping, I am way more comfortable getting on any kind of horse.  I have more trust and faith in my riding ability and myself. I have to stay calm and concentrated no matter how fast adrenaline is pumping.  A skill that serves me well in school and at work.

Can you agree?! What has polo taught you?!

XO Taylor

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