Polo Boots

Polo Boot with Zipper

So you’ve tried polo, you want to start taking more lessons, but not sure what type of boots to invest in.  There are numerous boots for ridding, but there are particular boots for polo.  Check out Polo Girls top picks for polo boots.

Personally, I think the zipper boot is easier to get on and off after a game.  Due to the amount of heat and sweat that builds up around the leg area the zipper boot will be easier to get off the foot.  Though the zipper boots will run you a bit extra, it’s really worth the cost. The zipper boot can run anywhere from $550 to $1,900.

The Mule boot, the one below that looks similar to a cowboy boot is very affordable and also useful. I would recommend a boot pull to get off the foot.  The mule boot is sensible and you can pick a pair up for about $250.

Best boot for the buck

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