Polo Girl Debra Atwell Experiences Beach Polo in Ibiza!

POLO GIRLS and friends :

Many thanks to all who made my hasty trip to Spain possible-never have I covered so much ground-literally and figuratively-in such little time. Ashwood & POLO GIRLS are now on a bigger map ! Beach polo and Women’s polo are hugely taking off…

NEWS: Blake and Sarah have left with their ponies for a few weeks in North Carolina-we will miss them ! Our barn welcomes a new Criollo pony from John and Hayden Walsh, now known as Zoom’s best friend. Thank you Max Secunda for thinking of us.   We will treasure this lovely little mare and know she will safely teach many other lucky riders the great game of polo while enjoying a less competitive life. We also have Eddie Mayer’s old Argentine gelding Ghost at the farm for retirement. Everyone who has met Ghost has fallen in love with this gentle old giant.

SUMMER is upon us….did you know…that polo horses usually have as much time off as they have in work ? In the past all the Ashwood ponies have been turned out with minimal human contact from May to October….this off time freshens a ponies body and mind and keeps them sounder longer and happier overall. While it was not my intention to turn out since we are now in a polo school format vs a private playing string format…the horses are telling me otherwise….they know their routines!
Two or three are already being resistant to work and have significant soundness issues….the others are borderline….I fear that when the rain finally arrives and the grass comes in….our equine polo partners are going to well,-become unlovable and cranky. While I can’t afford to give them the luxury of a six month vacation–it might take at least two for them to feel free again and to rest their weary limbs.

WITH THAT IN MIND : let us ride in the late afternoon heat and enjoy our time in the saddle throughout what remains of June. I will continue monitoring the collective equine morale. The quality of our evening rides will make the answer to impending turn out time definite or not. I am not going to fight equine city hall !

For the next few days-Thurs to Sunday-anyone who wishes may show up at 4:30-5pm for lesson/scrimmage time.
The field is dry and we will have to take it slow and concentrate on ball handling and our riding.

AND TO ALL OUR DEVOTED JR. PLAYERS who are on the verge of a major freak out at the prospect of no polo for possibly 8 weeks….don’t worry there is still plenty to do at the farm and there is also an arena camp in Atlanta next month we can attend if there is enough interest! If we come across some green short-stirrup ponies we can “bring them to the mallet” as a group project !

Children with horses are always welcome at the farm with adult supervision. All children are welcome when ever I am at the farm-never hesitate to call/text me for my barn hours, generally every day from 3 pm on and in and out most mornings….
Debra Atwell

Debra Atwell

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