Polo Girl in Pomona

Polo Girls stormed the Pomona Horse Expo! Teaching new players how to swing mallets and get into the sport of polo.

For most polo is an unattainable dream, but with the help of Libby, founder of the Polo Girls Society anything is possible.  “Being a Polo Girl is about going for your dreams and achieving them.”  My mom always made me get back on my pony after being bucked off! She’d say “No matter how many times you get bucked off, you must get back on.”  Thats the motto I live by.  No matter how many obstacles you encounter in life, you must get back up and keep going.

I founded Polo Girls for a couple reasons:

1. I love the sport of polo to death and hope to spend my dying breath in a polo match and die on the polo field!

2. Polo was something I’d ever fall into and if it wasn’t for a few special people in my life.  Without those people Polo would have just been an unattainable thought.

3. I want to give back to my sport by getting more people involved (the more you know the better off you are).  Getting young people to the game is important in order to preserve the game.

Polo for the people is the mission, whether its bring a new member to the game, teaching someone something interesting about the sport or getting people to understand the history of the sport.  That’s all its about.

I am so happy to be able to share my knowledge and passion for the game with you!

I hope that you will become a member of our society and join us.

Polo On!


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