Polo Girls in Mexico

First International Copa Triángulo del Sol Beach Polo event hosted at Tres Vidas in Acapulco, Sept 12-14, 2014.

Over the weekend of September 12-14, Polo Girl Ellie Molyneux helped make polo history in Mexico by organizing and playing in Mexico’s first international women’s exhibition match in the Copa Triángulo del Sol beach polo event hosted at Tres Vidas in Acapulco. Mexico has a long legacy of producing top male polo players, including the late Carlos Gracida, but the sport is only just gaining public popularity in Mexico and there are only a handful of women who play across the country. Polo Girls are on a mission to bring polo into the spotlight for both men and women, and this past weekend’s tournament was a total success in that regard!

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Thanks to the support of event organizer Nacho Egido and Polo Girl Ellie Molyneux’s coaching partner Miguel Gomez de Parada, Ellie was able to invite two American players, Kathi Kelly Lutton and Raeann Magill, to join in competition with Polo School Mexico students and teammates Maria Alejandra Suarez, Julie Adrien, and Bea Bringas. These six ladies received their team Tres Vidas and Roche Bobois jerseys at the luxurious Banyan Tree Hotel in Acapulco, and the president of the Mexican Polo Federation, Guillermo “Billy” Steta.

The women’s polo matches were commentated by the president of the World Polo Tour Javier Herrera, and in front of over 1,000 spectators, the girls competed hard while showing that women can, and DO, play polo! Team Roche Bobois won over Team Tres Vidas 2-1, and Polo Girl Ellie was awarded the MVP award from La Martina. We hope this is just one of many future events hosted by Ellie, Miguel Gómez de Parada, and Polo School Mexico, who are eager to continue to grow the sport’s popularity in Mexico and around the world! To keep updated, visit www.facebook.com/poloschoolmexico

We thank the governor of Guerrero, Ángel Aguirre, and his affiliates for supporting the growth of polo in Mexico.

-Ellie Briana Molyneux

Polo School Mexico, PGS

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