Sport before Fashion!

Whenever I tell people I play polo usually their first response is: “ you mean like Ralph Lauren?” And I say the same “noo like the sport, with horses!”

Then I continue to explain how great it is and talk about how obsessed I am. But it’s pretty unbelievable how people immediately think of the clothing company when they hear the word “polo.”

Polo jersey from Ralph Lauren

The sport of POLO has been around for 2500 years!! The sport came first so the players started the trend that turned into fashion.

Looking good and playing an intense and challenging sport…yeah I’d want to be like
us too!  Even though you can mostly find me in jeans, a tee shirt and a hat to hide my
helmet hair, when it comes down to it I clean up pretty well.  The polo players don’t
get any of the credit they deserve.

Yale University Polo Team 1920's

The fashion brand label shadows all the heart, dedication, strength and love for the sport that has been around for thousands of years.  Just because polo isn’t necessarily one of the most popular sports known to those outside of the horse world doesn’t mean that it’s okay to take our wardrobe and capitalize on it!

I know we have great style, and our “uniforms” are way cooler than many other sports, so I understand why the fashion industry wants to be like us (i.e. equestrian style boots that are so popular). We DO look good!

Girl Polo Players! Rock STARS!

Even after a few chukkers when we’re pretty sweaty with some rad helmet hair. But we never put fashion before sport; we play to have fun, enjoy a little competition, be with our horses and make friends!

So next time you’re wearing a Ralph Lauren piece, or see someone else with the label stamped all over it, remember who started it all. Give them the credit they deserve because the sport of polo is what paved the way for such a popular fashion line.

XO Taylor

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