Thank You to Polo Ponies…

What sets polo apart from every other sport is the relationship between rider and horse. The unspoken bond between you and your trusty steed is something that can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

What I find so special about polo ponies is their love and knowledge for the
game.  It still amazes me when I am playing and my horse reacts faster to a play than
I do! It’s like I want to reach down and whisper a “thank you” into their ear! Last
night, after a foul shot was hit, Pantera (the horse I was riding) took off after the ball
faster than I could react! That moment was a reminder that the two of us are in it
together, playing the same game on the same team. Pantera was doing her best to
take care of me and play hard!

Looking back at when I first started playing, I still am in love with same polo
pony, Moe.  He was the pony that showed me how important trust is in this game.
During our very slow paced chukkers he took me right to the ball without me even
asking!  If I didn’t know where the ball was, Moe was already on his way to the
lineup.  I could practically hear him saying, “Hold on Taylor! I’ll take you where you
need to be!”

Even to this day with how much I’ve improved Moe is still more experienced
than I am, and continues to take care of me when I play with him! He is absolutely
my favorite polo pony that holds a special spot in my heart! I truly appreciate every
polo pony I have and will ride.  They are so extremely intelligent and caring, it’s
important to never forget all that they do for us!

So what about you, which polo ponies have taken care of you or is your favorite pony?!

XO Taylor

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