The Rules USPA Does Not Tell You! PT 1

Prince Harry now owes us a case of beer!  I will take some Yuengling please!

Prince Harry Owing Us a Case of Beer!

We have all been there, 6 minutes in a chukkar, there have been no fouls or goals, and you are just exhausted from galloping up and down the field with every muscle in your body active…. you decide for two seconds to relax your legs and core and let your shoulders drop and the weight in your heels starts to shift.  Your horse decides that it is time to deflate your big ego and abruptly stops!  Leaving you airborne momentarily till your butt lands on the ground but luckily cushioned by that large pile of horse poop that your noble steed left for you, as if he KNEW that was where he was going to dump you!

You stand up and brush off the dirt, poop, and grass from your freshly washed white jeans and not only have to face the embarrassment of chasing your horse down the 300 yard field while playing it cool in front of all of the spectators… you also have to abide by polo’s most popular underground rule… You now owe the club a case of beer!

This is a rule that most polo players would never argue because, well, who doesn’t like free beer??!!  Just like every other type of riding, you will never forget the first case of beer you buy for the entire club, you will sit there and say to yourself, “Don’t worry, I can buy that nice case of microbrew because it wont happen again!” and somehow you are back on that horse that you swear is possessed by Pazuzu himself the following week!!

A great tip is to start enjoying crappy beer!  Everyone wants the guy who brings the imported beer to fall, but bring the Natty Ice and you will hear the groans from the fellow players when you land butt first!  (Although, you will never hear a polo player complain about any beer they do not have to bring!) If you do not own your own horses, this is a quick tip in getting the better horses as opposed to the ones that seem to enjoy watching you run after them on the grass!

Although its humbling swiping your card at the store getting that case of beer, but remember that you get to share it with your teammates and get to talk about past spills and fun times that you have all shared together!!

We might not have any beer for you, but what is your best fall story?!

Xo LA Polo Girls

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