What is a Polo Handicap?

A polo handicap is given to a player by the United States Polo Association (USPA)

A HANDICAP is a rating given to players, similar to a “Golf Handicap”.

Players are rated on a scale of minus -2 to 10.  Beginners start at -2, and progress from there on up the rating scale.  In Handicap matches, each team adds up the ratings of its players to arrive at a team rating.  (Ex. you have a 1 goaler, 6 goaler, 3 goaler, and a -1 goaler, that team would consist of 9 goals)

The difference of the two teams’ ratings is awarded as points to the lesser skilled team at the beginning of the game. (Ex. a 12 goal team is playing a 9 goal team, the 9 goal team would start the game with goals on the score board)

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