What Is Your Favorite Kind of Polo?

I would like to start off by saying thank you for the warm welcome, and I look forward to being part of PGS!!!


There are two main kinds of Polo, arena (indoor) or grass (outdoor).  Outdoor polo is the kind that most people assume you do when you say that you play polo, and trust me, 90% of players actually prefer the grass.  This is the type of polo you see the Princes playing!  You get to drink champagne and wear fancy hats while you stomp divots at halftime while brushing elbows with players, and other spectators.  My friends like to “Woop” when they see me play on the field, since most of them have only seen polo on Pretty Women.  (My close friends like to scream “ONE POINT TO SLYTHERIN!!” after an embarrassing moment at Medieval Times)  Unfortunately, in LA where land is scarce, and finding a flat patch of grass is next to impossible, Angeleno girls (It is a fancy way of saying someone is from Los Angeles, we speak funny out here!)  are limited to either the one grass field for the entire city, or arena polo!

I am one of those freaky polo people that actually loves the arena!  Coming from a hunt seat, I feel at home in a ring, and lets face it, when I fall it is a lot softer to land on the dirt!  Arena polo is usually played with three player teams, as opposed to the four player teams on grass, in an arena that is only 300′ X 150′.  The rules are very similar, with a few differences, but with a smaller playing area, the game tends to move at a faster pace for the spectator, and requires a strong team to succeed in the arena.  I like to compare arena polo to hockey, the ball can be next to a goal one moment, and within seconds, be on the other side of the arena!

I feel like sometimes the indoor polo is considered a forgotten part of polo and is actually brushed off as more of the “winter” fill in.  Sometimes, I am forced to agree, but there is something about the dirt and the stands that make arena polo a whole different experience.  With the many variations of polo, what type of polo is your favorite?!

Xx Bethy, the excited newest Polo Girl!!

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