Why playing Polo is better than water polo!


1. We have ponies… (We should stop the list here, but what fun would that be?!)

2. You never hear of a polo player drowning on the field!

3. Lycra one pieces are never flattering, even on the horses!!

4. When you fall in our sport, everyone drinks!  When you fall in water polo, everyone just gets wet.

5. Running down a field at 45mph to hit a ball the size of a tennis ball cannot compare to treading water!

6.  You might look strange brining a picnic basket wearing a Lily Pulitzer dress to a pool.

7. It is a global network that accepts you no matter where you come from!

8. Only the fans wear funny hats, not the players

9. We have several brands that model their styles after the sport!  I have never seen Ralph Lauren make a water polo shirt!

10. It’s the sport of kings!

Bonus number:

11- Nacho Figueras, Nic Roldan, Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres, and of coarse, Prince Harry!

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